Swatch resurfaces with its new collection SCUBA LIBRE, a new vision of life well-represented by the Scuba watch: it is not only for divers, it speaks to each of us.

When we navigate  the streets of an overcrowded city, we climb in a subway train tossed by storm  to go back home, and we are at the helm of our boat in the center of Manhattan, the power of our imagination is limitless when it is unleashed by the passion and by the new Swatch Scuba Libre model.

The new Scuba Collection is the delight of all nautical sports fans. Indeed, large and bright colored hour hands are particularly visible  when you swim admiring the wonders of the underwater life. Rotary glasses and resistant silicone bracelets give that extra special touch.

And for fashionable visionaries who prefer dry land, both sexy and ready to brave the depths, Swatch introduces three other models, with colorful movements in transparent casings.