TOMMY HILFIGER Surf Shack collection Summer 2013

Surf shark



American surf culture was born in the 60s, around the time when Beatlemania captivated England, the Kennedys became icons and The Beach Boys’ “Surfin’ USA” was the band’s first song to hit the Billboard charts. Rooted in California, the surf movement was more than a trend; it offered a new approach to sport, language, music and fashion – much of which remains true today.

Tommy Hilfiger’s limited-edition Surf Shack collection is inspired by the warm waters of Malibu, Australia’s Gold Coast and chilly Atlantic swells in Biarritz.

The collection  gives a preppy twist to the classic surfer’s look: an effortless, laid-back style combined confidently with summery hues, breezy fabrics and bold prints. From sunrise surfs to sundown clambakes, Surf Shack includes clothing and accessories that embody surf sophistication.  It includes 12 pieces for women and 16 for men, including beach-ready apparel, footwear, sunglasses, watches and bags.

In support of Tommy Hilfiger’s ongoing partnership with the Art Production Fund, the limited-edition collection is complemented by a series of unique surfboards, custom-designed by five American artists: Lola Schnabel, Richard Phillips, Scott Campbell, Gary Simmons and Raymond Pettibon. 

In menswear, bright board shorts, neon plaid prints and diverse chambray shades epitomize bold surf style. The brand’s classic heritage comes across in simple tees, loafers, patterned shorts and a high-collared cotton jacket for early morning surfs or late-night beach bonfires.

For women, the collection features easy silhouettes and bright colors. A chambray playsuit, crisp white blazer or pleated dress can slip over a two-piece bikini in striking stripes of salmon pink, daffodil yellow, turquoise and clementine. Paired with easy-going sandals, rafia wedge heels or a surfboard-shaped wooden clutch, the look channels laid-back surf sophistication. Accessories include fuchsia beach totes, neon sunglasses and reversible watches in coral, platoon blue, cyan and elfin yellow.

“It’s the easy, laid-back vibe of the surf culture and beach life that I find so inspiring,” said Tommy Hilfiger. “Since the 1960s in California, when surfing emerged as an American phenomenon, the sport has embraced its own identity in fashion. The Surf Shack collection infuses quintessential surf statement pieces with modern accents; these prep-surf pieces work as well on the famed surf beaches of California as they do on the shores of Biarritz or Costa Rica.”







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